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What The Princess Bride Taught Me about Creating Universally Loved Content

We’ve all been asked some head-scratchers during an interview at one point or another.

Q: What would you do on your first day if no one was here?

Q: If you were to give a TEDTalk, what would the subject be?

Q: What’s the worst road trip you’ve ever taken?

These are all random questions I have been asked during an interview. And while  researching the product and absorbing a company’s origin story the night before could be of some use,  there are just some questions you can’t prep for.

A question more random than Charlie Sheen’s affinity for Tiger Blood.

Here is the question I was asked:

Q: Why is the Princess Bride a Universally Loved Film?

I sat there stumped. This should be the easiest question in the world. And here I was, puzzled over a movie I had seen at least two dozen times.

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