12 GIFS Proving Fashion Can Be Magical

They say “one picture is worth a thousand words”. I guess that makes a GIF worth ten thousand. Here are 12 examples of times fashion equalled pure magic.

1. Scifi-Transforming-dress

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Frozen in Time: Futurama Season 10 Finale Shows How to Spend an Ideal Eternity

I just recently watched the Season 10 finale of Futurama. While I am not a die hard fan of the show, I do watch it from time to time for the satire and occasional laugh-out-loud moment. Smart writing and great comic delivery make it a futuristic, grown-up version of The Simpsons.

I think Futurama surprised viewers with this romantic sci-fi twist when they showed what two people in love, Fry and Leela, would do if time were to freeze.
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12 Fictional Movie Couples that Should’ve Ended Up Together

They never got their chance to shine in the spotlight. But in our world, anything’s possible! Here are fictional movie couples who I think should have been cast to end up together. *Spoiler alert- None of these people end up together so if you haven’t seen the movie being discussed, now you don’t have to!

1. Sarah and Jareth- Labyrinth

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The Top 10 Hottest 80s Actors

I’m obsessed with 80’s movies. I mean, who isn’t. The pure cheesy dialogue spread thickly across a predictable plotline fills me with nostalgia… And a lady boner. So I thought I’d compile a list of the Top 10 Hottest 80’s movies heartthrobs. Everyone has their own opinion and this is just mine. There are way too many to choose just ten but here’s a few I felt needed some recognition. Continue reading →

princess bride content

What The Princess Bride Taught Me about Creating Universally Loved Content

We’ve all been asked some head-scratchers during an interview at one point or another.

Q: What would you do on your first day if no one was here?

Q: If you were to give a TEDTalk, what would the subject be?

Q: What’s the worst road trip you’ve ever taken?

These are all random questions I have been asked during an interview. And while  researching the product and absorbing a company’s origin story the night before could be of some use,  there are just some questions you can’t prep for.

A question more random than Charlie Sheen’s affinity for Tiger Blood.

Here is the question I was asked:

Q: Why is the Princess Bride a Universally Loved Film?

I sat there stumped. This should be the easiest question in the world. And here I was, puzzled over a movie I had seen at least two dozen times.

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What 80’s movie crushes can teach marketers about customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the holy grail marketers have been seeking for years. Loyalty programs have become a means by which companies have attempted to gain this loyalty.

“Buy one, get another one half off.”

“Would you like to join our loyalty program and get 10% off your purchase today?”

We’ve all heard a variation of this loyalty “pick-up line” at one point or another. People usually join loyalty programs with the incentive to get the immediate discount, not an incentive for receiving rewards over the long term.

Just because a customer joins a loyalty program, doesn’t mean they are loyal to you. Brands use the information derived from these programs to track user behavior and reward them based on previous purchases. And that tailored, personalized experience showing that you care, makes them care and gets you loyalty.
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