Hello there. If you are on this website, you are either a) a potential employer seeing if I am an illegal alien b) someone I’ve begun to date that stumbled upon this while Googling “Ashton Steele Kennedy Assasination” or c) fellow bloggers who appreciate sincere sarcasm and cynicism in the form of GIFs. Either way, welcome.

Professionally, I have spent five years as a marketing writer, developing and executing integrated,  demand generation campaigns through content creation, video production, email marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. No idea what I’m talking about? Moving on!

Why start this website? I love, love, love to write. Blog posts, screenplays, groundbreaking studies on lost Navajo tribes, a descriptive bibliography of the contours of Gary Oldman’s furrowing brow and most of all, television and film. Did I mention I was raised by a TV?

Although the words “couch potato” are thrown around loosely among my friends (if you text something, can it be thrown around loosely?) learning life lessons from television and films is an extremely underrated concept. You can also learn a lot from embracing what makes us human. I strive to put relatable content and a little something for everyone in each of my blog posts.

I mean, why go experience real life when you can just watch someone experience it for you! 😉

Don’t speak english, care about words or have no idea what the F search engine optimization means? Stick around for my “Top 10 Goal Lists” that require absolutely no effort.



ashton video


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Tales of marketing, film, and laughter rolled up into one.

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