12 Fictional Movie Couples that Should’ve Ended Up Together

They never got their chance to shine in the spotlight. But in our world, anything’s possible! Here are fictional movie couples who I think should have been cast to end up together. *Spoiler alert- None of these people end up together so if you haven’t seen the movie being discussed, now you don’t have to!

1. Sarah and Jareth- Labyrinth

Yes, I’m aware the age difference here is quite staggering… and illegal. But what happens in the labyrinth, stays in the labyrinth! You can’t deny they had massive chemistry!

2. Linda Barrett and Brad Hamilton- Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This still bothers me to this day. They were both newly single and Brad was doing his “business” in the bathroom inspired by an image of Lisa. It’s almost a compliment. Why wouldn’t he ask her on a date? Especially if she’s at his house all the time hanging out with his sister. Instead he ends up alone, working the night shift at a shitty gas station. Way to miss your window Brad!

3. Duckie and Andie- Pretty in Pink

Duckie and Andie have so much in common. They grew up together, like all the same kinds of music, have the same friends, hang out at the same places. That may be just because Duckie stalks Andie and is just pretending to like all the same things she likes but even still, who cares? True love is about finding someone who cares about you enough to bike by your house 100 times a day. And put your happiness above all others. Even if it is a little creepy. What effort did Blane make? Nothing. Blane and Andy won’t last but I think if she stuck with Ducky, it would have.

4. Cher and Elton- Clueless

Ok, I know this is a long shot since he basically tried to force himself on Cher but if that HADN’T happened, I’d like to see how this relationship would’ve played out. They are both the same age, not related so no awkwardness at home if they break up, both completely superficial, have all the same friends and want the same things in life. She may think that he is a “snob and a half” but for the first half of the movie, she actually is too. So get off your high horse and date someone your own age. Plus, Josh is in college and loves politics, hackeysacks, the environment, etc. A.K.A. everything you hate. Why would you want to be around that?

5. Elle Woods and Warner- Legally Blonde

Another controversial call-out seeing as Warner dumped Elle in the beginning of the movie. But I’m actually going to take Warner’s side on this one. He was growing up, going to law school, and wanted to find a wholesome girl he could take home to his parents. Elle was extremely vain, dumb as nails, and all she cared about was her sorority. Which means in college, he was only dating her for her looks. So Elle becomes really smart and he asks her to take him back. Now that he sees she’s developed her own life and is no longer extremely co-dependent on him or constantly talking about shoes. People change, and sometimes its for the better. But no. Go marry nasty Luke Wilson instead. Warner grew up just like Elle did and I think these two deserved a second shot.

6. Billy Madison and The Mucus Queen- Billy Madison

While we don’t know much about this attractive woman dubbed “The Mucus Queen”, she seems like a much more appropriate fit for Billy. Billy likes hot chicks with big knockers, we’ve all seen his nudie magazine collection. Veronica Vaughn would probably soon grow tired of Billy’s rantings and high pitched impressions and leave him to go have kids of her own with an actual adult and provider. Billy is still a child and the mucus queen, being a little odd herself, could be just the thing he’s been looking for.

7. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace- Pulp Fiction

The conversation, the dancing, the chemistry. This GIF says it all. They are two screwed up people just trying to make sense of life. Also, they have the same hair style and color so they can use each other’s shampoo in the shower! Score!

8. Lester Burnham and Angela Hayes- American Beauty

While this scene could be interpreted by many people to be hanus and disgusting, I find it to be the most touching scenes in the film. This idea of Angela hooking up with a guy old enough to be her dad is wrong and taboo. But he is so sincerely in love with her. The pure thought of her got him through the bad times and she was his silver lining. I feel like they’re meant to be. Was so sad that they didn’t end up together. Plus, Annie Lennox playing in the background is just icing on the cake.

9. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger- Harry Potter

I will never understand why Hermione likes Ron so much. Putting aside my firecrotch vendetta, I feel like Harry is more caring and considerate than Ron. And more handsome. And he’s famous. Hermione is smart and should be dating someone more on her level.

10. Joe Bradley and Princess Ann- Roman Holiday

This one is the biggest WTF of all time. And the most obvious. There is no reason why these two people can’t be together. I know audience pleasing wasn’t the goal back then, I would’ve felt a lot better if they stuck together.

11. William Thatcher and Kate the Blacksmith- A Knight’s Tale

William was looking for his true love but what he didn’t see was standing right in front of him. William comes from a poor family and has way more in common with Kate. Kate is attractive, can make the best armor in town, and is available. The princess keeps toying you around for her amusement and treats William like shit. High maintenance. Ditch the zero and get with the hero.

12. Julianne Potter and Michael O’Neal- My Best Friend’s Wedding

I always was sad when she let that moment pass her by on the ferry with Michael. I really do feel like these two friends were made for each other. It’s just sad Julia didn’t realize it sooner. Cameron Diaz’s character was off-putting and emotional. Julianne and Michael just get each other she seems much more of an adult to me.


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